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RECIPRO is a female leadership development programme providing coaching, peer group learning, training and consultancy to advance women in business. We create the environment for women to learn together and from each other.

Based on the latest research on the development needs of female business leaders and how they learn best, our programmes are developed by women who have walked in your shoes. We provide flexible, supportive and tailored packages to suit the needs of both the individual and the organisation, supporting the organisation in retaining its female talent and enjoying improved bottom line benefits as a result.

We offer the following to support female leaders at all stages of their career:

Transforming Me, Transforming You

Leadership “Inside and Out” for Women Leaders, Managers, Business Owners and Consultants

“Transforming Me, Transforming You” is designed to help ambitious, successful and hard working women thrive at work and home and make a difference everyday. Along with a small group of like minded, challenging and supportive women you will experience a personal leadership journey of discovery, practice and transformation.

You can expect to:

  • Achieve more success in all the important areas in your life
  • Clarify life and work goals and feel confident to go get these
  • Be inspired, motivated and focused, leading to more energy and better results
  • Deal with what’s been holding you back, wasting your time and distracting you
  • Handle issues with minimal angst
  • Be more productive, calmer and reduce stress
  • Have your ideas, opinions and solutions be taken seriously and inspire others to take action

I can honestly say that this workshop had and continues to have a lasting, positive effect on both my personal and working life. It was unlike any other workshop I had been on - it was genuinely thought provoking, challenging, confidence building, motivating and inspiring. And all done in a very relaxed, genuine and personable way.

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Coaching programmes tailored for female leaders at all stages of their careers. Access to the best, credentialed coaches including experienced executive and board level coaches.

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Training and Consultancy

Workshops and masterclasses addressing the hot topics that women face in business today.

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RECIPRO is based on collaboration and mutual support. We value connection, quality, empathy, being human and keeping it real and we know what it takes to build a successful business in the 21st century.