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Gender Diversity

We recognise that building a gender balanced organisation is now a business imperative to drive bottom line results. Research shows that women are central to leadership - organisations with more women on the board significantly outperform their rivals. 

Organisations who recognise that this is a business issue will realise that this requires dedicated effort to drive the change necessary to attract, retain and develop female leaders. 

Our approach is to recognise the strengths that each gender brings.

We address the following key areas : 

Change Management

Adopting accelerated change methodology we work with executive teams to:

  • Build a compelling buisness case for gender balanced organisation
  • Produce strategic and programme plans to achieve agreed business outcomes
  • "Rapid Change" manage agreed initiatives to include Leadership and Skills (both genders), Systems and Processes, Values and Behaviours
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Team Effectiveness

For both men and women, to maximise contribution of both genders:

  • Build Effective Mixed Gender teams
  • Leadership and Skills Development including adaptive leadership style and gender application of skills eg. communication
  • Facilitation of mixed gender boards and executive teams to maximise performance
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Develop your female talent with our  RECIPRO programme for female executives and aspiring leaders. 

Join the conversation in the RECIPRO linkedin group or get in touch to learn more

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